Sarei. Tea Ceremony.  [Page 11]

Warm and solemn moment!

Tnmoku Chawan

1 set : 5 Black Tea Bowls.

  Diameter : 11.5cm

Height : 6.8cm

In a card box.

These are good for SAREI.

ID No.118560
Price Yen: 7,000JPY per set.

Tenmoku Dai

(Not include a tea bowl.)

Material: Japanese Keyaki, natural wood.

Painted by lacquer

  Diameter : 16cm

Height : 7.6cm

In a card box.

ID No.118570
Price Yen: 9,000JPY



(A bowl for sweet or lunch.)

Old traditional style, a manufacturing method and size.

Material: Japanese Cedar, natural wood.

Painted by Urushi

  Dimension : 21cm

Height : 7cm

In a card box.

ID No.118573
Price Yen: 12,000JPY

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