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** NOTE: All articles placed in this section are prints or copies, not originals. **


Printed plywood with a wooden frame.
[Page 1]

Noren, a square of cloth for wrapping.
[Page 2]

Hanging Japanese tapestries.

Shikisi-kake. [Page 3]

Presenting calligraphy
on a square paper board.

Hime-byobu. [Page 4]

Miniature printed folding screens.

Suihatsu. [Page 6]

Printed hanging cedar boards.

Okou. [Page 7]

Various types of incense.


Table Mat. [Page 8]

Omamori. [Page 9]

Butsugu Alter fittings. [Page 10]


Sarei. Tea Ceremony.

 [Page 11]


Shikishi. [Page 12]

Printed on square paper boards.

Tanzaku. [Page 13]

Printed on strip paper boards.



Shakyo. [Page 14]

Heart Sutra Hand-copying Set.

2018 is The Year of a Dog.
[Page 15]

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